photo of David Anderson

David Anderson, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur; Expert in Drug Discovery & Development/Biotechnology

Chief Scientific Officer for Ivogen Therapeutics


David Anderson has expertise in target-based drug discovery and development and personalized molecular diagnostics in inflammation/immunology and oncology. He is an accomplished leader in medical research and product development with experience as a research scientist (University of Colorado, The Scripps Research Institute), director of research, and executive leader in the pharmaceutical industry (Monsanto/Searle, Johnson and Johnson) and biotechnology arena (Signal Research Division of Celgene, Proprius Pharmaceuticals/Cypress Biosciences, Eclipse Therapeutics, and Ignyta). As an entrepreneur, he built and managed innovative drug discovery and development companies from start-up to acquisition, successfully secured venture capital for $150M, partnered with world-class biopharmaceutical companies for $150M in milestone/equity payments, participated in successful IPOs, received over $4M in SBIR grants, and conducted research leading to the first $1B biotechnology product (Procrit®; Johnson and Johnson). He has established translational research with world-class academic investigators to enhance and complement expertise for successful research and product development. David has received a number of awards and patents for his research and he has a strong record of peer reviewed publications, presentations, and teaching.

Mentor Statement: I want to be an agent to help catalyze and facilitate the commercialization of university technology for the benefit of the University, the local and regional economy, and the world by helping to translate basic research into innovative and useful products. I want to guide other entrepreneurs so they can experience the joy of achieving their visions and creation of value through their ideas and products.