Ewin Barnett

Life-Long Information Entrepreneur,  Founder, Carfax, Co-Founder, Vinlogx, LLC


Ewin Barnett is a life-long entrepreneur who specializes in information opportunities. He is best known for founding Carfax, a company that today employs over 600 people. He is the named inventor of the core Carfax patent. He is an active investor in startups and early-stage companies and was an early member of the fund behind Capital Innovator's well-known incubator in St. Louis. He helped to commercialize DynaMed.com, the world’s largest evidence-based point-of-care on-line reference for physicians.

Ewin enjoys speaking on various aspects of IT and entrepreneurial activity. He serves on several boards and is a corporate officer for a regional insurance company, where he serves on the Investment and IT Committees. He is an advisor to a number of startup and early stage companies. He is one of the co-founders of Vinlogx, LLC.

Ewin and his wife are long-time Missouri residents, living near Columbia. His other activities include writing, logging for firewood, private aviation and discussing Austrian economics. His wife volunteers at a local crisis pregnancy center.

Mentor Statement: I have been a mentor to a number of startups and early stage companies. There is always a wonderful dynamic exchange of information and ideas. Often I have been a mentor to a founder who ends up schooling me in a few things. Mentoring also brings opportunities to expand and merge our network of professional contacts. Many founders of business are just high quality people for a number of reasons. I am in awe of many of them. [And that's the truth.]