John Bucksath

Former President and CEO

ABC Laboratories


John Bucksath joined ABC Laboratories as an analytical chemist in 1989 and has since held positions of increasing management responsibility within the company. He was responsible for the successful start-up, growth and leadership of the company’s pharmaceutical CGMP Analytical Services group which is currently the largest service offering at ABC Laboratories. Additionally, he has managed all operations of the organization’s pharmaceutical and agrochemical business, initiated the company’s program management function and quality metric program, was responsible for overall operations including business development, developed and initiated the company’s introduction into the large molecule product development services market. He successfully realigned the organization and put the company on a growth trajectory and positioned the organization to address client concentration issues and improved bottom line performance. Most recently, he led the company through a transaction process culminating in the successful merger with Evans Analytical Group, resulting in above-market return for shareholders while maintaining operations in Columbia, Missouri. His current duties focus on profit/loss, business analysis and division operations.

Mentor Statement: I truly look forward to the opportunity to participate in the Mizzou VMS mentor program. It is exciting to realize the potential of such an organization working collaboratively with some of the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial field. Over my 26 year career, I have come to realize that having an experienced mentor who is committed to provide support and sound feedback is critical to those who are responsible for decisive action in business. Having the opportunity to give back is exciting and knowing that this is a locally based program inspires me to contribute all that I have for the future of our community and the next generation that is competing in a growing global marketplace today. Having support to make better decisions faster will be critical to entrepreneurs and the Mizzou VMS program is set to support this process.