Andy Limbaugh

Founder, TDG Solutions, L3C



Andy, a Missouri native, is an entrepreneur and business-start up and strategy consultant and has been integral in the development, implementation and execution of existing and start-up businesses since 2001. Business sectors include physical structure video security/access control, renewable energy, web-based communications platforms, healthcare access, heath, wellness and fitness, higher education and public policy.

His current endeavor, TDG Solutions, L3C (dba Motorists as First on Scene - “MAFOS”), is a nationwide initiative designed to train civilians in basic hemorrhage trauma control techniques and provide them with a basic bleeding control kit. This mission will create a civilian first responder network in an effort to reduce human morbidity and mortality.

Andy’s volunteer time is spent as a mentor within the greater St. Louis entrepreneur and business start-up community including the Ameren Accelerator Program and as an active participant within the Cortex Innovation Community. In addition to mentoring, Andy is a member of the board of the following entities: The Missouri 100 (providing consult to the University of Missouri System President), the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Arts & Science Strategic Development Board and is a founding mentor for MIZZOU VMS (Venture Mentoring Service), mentoring university-related business start-ups.

Andy attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where he was a member of the football team and is a member of the Zeta Phi (Missouri) chapter of Beta Theta Pi. He holds a BS degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Mass Communications from Southeast Missouri State University. In his spare time, Andy enjoys distance running, weight-training, golf, St. Louis Cardinals baseball and Missouri Tigers football.

Mentor Statement: I am truly honored to be a mentor in the Mizzou Venture Mentoring Service and I look forward to assisting entrepreneurs, business start-ups and those who may simply have a great idea. I’ve been in their shoes and sometimes getting from Point A to Point B can seem like a daunting task, but quite often it is as simple as having a few extra sets of eyes and real world experience to get the process moving forward. These are exciting times in the world of entrepreneurism and it is a thrill to be part of them.