Erica Majumder, Ph.D.

Research Associate

The Scripps Research Institute


Erica Majumder has her Ph.D. in chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis and worked post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Biochemistry at Mizzou. Her Ph.D. research focused on the structure and function of energy conserving proteins in photosynthesis for solar energy and crop yield improvement applications. At Mizzou, her research involved proteins involved in energy conservation or bioremediation of heavy metals as part of a large Department of Energy funded initiative. Now at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA , she is investigating the metabolism and role of metabolites in contaminated environments.

In addition to her research, she spent three years running The BALSA Group, a bio-tech and tech consulting firm that specialized in short-term engagements for start-up companies. Erica served as a consultant, project manager, director of Human Resources and finally as the vice-president. Typical projects included primary and secondary market assessment, as well as technology assessment. She worked with more than fifteen clients over the three years that represented one person companies with an idea up through teams of a half dozen or more whose technologies were ready to hit the market.

Erica has also taught a number of chemistry courses, is actively involved in generating curriculum for and facilitating science outreach on renewable energy topics, teaches an English as a Second Language (ESL) class, and is a cellist in a community orchestra.

Mentor Statement: I want to become a Mizzou VMS mentor because I enjoy learning about new technologies and innovations and helping those technologies reach the market. I’m impressed with the creativity of others which inspires me to be a better scientist.